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Parmer RTP

Parmer RTP, an 8-month project by Aggregate Group, involved constructing diverse concrete structures, paving, sidewalks, stairs, and a pre-casted concrete countertop.

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McDonald York Building Company


5 Moore Dr.

Durham, NC 27709


Footings, Walls, Paving, Slabs on Grade, Architectural

Project Summary

Parmer RTP is a testament to Aggregate Group's commitment to delivering turn-key solutions at all levels of concrete construction. This extensive 8-month project showcased our team's expertise in a range of areas including architectural concrete construction, sitework, and cast-in-place civil structures.

The project's scope encompassed the creation of both curved and straight architectural concrete walls, providing an aesthetically pleasing design that complemented the surrounding environment. Alongside this, the team also constructed architectural concrete paving, demonstrating our ability to incorporate design elements into functional constructions.

One of the key aspects of Parmer RTP was the construction of sidewalks and cast-in-place stairs. This required precise planning and execution to ensure safety and functionality. In addition, we installed light pole bases throughout the site to provide necessary illumination.

The project also involved the construction of parking deck footings and slab-on-grade, crucial elements to ensure the longevity and stability of the parking structure. Our team's knowledge and experience in commercial concrete construction were essential in delivering this aspect of the project successfully.

One of the unique components of Parmer RTP was the construction of tree house footings and slab-on-metal deck. This required specialized skills and careful planning to ensure a durable structure that harmonized with the natural surroundings.

To round off our comprehensive service, we also installed a pre-casted concrete countertop, further demonstrating our versatility and commitment to delivering all-inclusive solutions for our clients.

Aggregate Group's mission to combine disparate elements into a cohesive whole was embodied in the Parmer RTP project. Every component, from the smallest detail to the broadest design element, was brought together to create a project that showcased the unique strengths of our team. Through a positive company culture and a dedication to doing business better, Aggregate Group was able to deliver a project that not only met but exceeded expectations​.