Aggregate Group

Parmer RTP

18-month architectural sitework project involving a variety of concrete scopes from paving, sidewalks and stairs to integrally colored walls, sandblasting and a pre-casted countertop.


McDonald York Building Company


5 Moore Dr.

Durham, NC 27709


Footings, Walls, Paving, Slabs on Grade, Slabs on Metal Deck Architectural

Project Completion

Summer 2020

Project Summary

Parmer RTP was an 18-month partnership with McDonald York Building Company in which Aggregate Group delivered a vast array of turn-key sitework concrete features. This project showcases the skill-depth of Aggregate Group’s team by their ability to keep up with the demands of large sitework concrete as well their ability to turn their attention to the details required to produce architecturally pleasing concrete structures.

Some key architectural features of this project's scope involved the creation of both curved and straight integrally-colored concrete walls with architectural patterns in the form faces, a more than 16,000 square foot food truck drive with randomized saw-cut shapes that took on alternating broom and sand-blasted finishes, and an exposed slab on metal deck in a tree house conference room with a pre-casted concrete bar countertop.

Other, less apparent concrete features of Parmer RTP that Aggregate Group put in place involve over 27,000 square feet of sidewalks and cast-in-place stairs, light pole bases throughout the campus, curbs and flatwork for outdoor game and relaxation areas and footings and a slab on grade for a new parking deck.

Aggregate Group's mission to combine disparate elements into a cohesive whole was embodied in the Parmer RTP project. Every component, from the smallest details to the broadest design elements, was brought together to create a project that showcased the unique strengths of our team. Through a positive company culture and a dedication to doing business better, Aggregate Group was able to deliver a project that exceeded expectations and left a lasting impression on the Parmer campus community.